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Hugh Thomson

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  • The Green Road Into The Trees: An Exploration of England Хью Томсон
    ISBN: 1848093322
    Год издания: 2012
    Издательство: Preface Publishing
    Язык: Английский
    From the very centre of England - literally, as his village is furthest from the sea - he travels to its outermost edges. The Green Road into the Trees is a journey made rich by the characters he meets along the way. And the ways he takes are the old ways, the drover-paths and tracks, the paths and ditches half covered by bramble and tunnelled by alder, beech and oak: the trails that can still be traced by those who know where to look.

    Just as in his acclaimed book about Peru, The White Rock, Hugh shows how older, half-forgotten cultures lie much closer to the surface than we may think. In recent years, archaeologists have uncovered remarkable findings about the Celts, Saxons and Vikings that have often yet to reach the wider public. Travelling along the Icknield Way, Hugh passes the great prehistoric monuments of Maiden Castle, Stonehenge and Avebury, before ending at the Wash near Seahenge.

    By taking a 400 mile journey from coast to coast, through both the sacred and profane landscapes of ancient England, Hugh casts unexpected light - and humour - on the way we live now.
  • Nanda Devi: A Journey to the Last Sanctuary Хью Томсон
    ISBN: 0297607537
    Год издания: 2004
    Язык: Английский
    Surrounded by 20,000 foot peaks which effectively seal off the mountain at their center, the Nanda Devi Sanctuary was virtually impenetrable. But in 1934 Eric Shipton and Bill Tilman made the first of their great Himalayan expeditions by forcing a way up the river gorge. In 2000, the Sanctuary was entered for one single visit. Hugh Thomson was offered a place on this unique expedition led by Eric Shipton's son, John Shipton and the great Indian mountaineer, Colonel Kumar. This journey forms the basis of the book. Woven through it are all the amazing stories that surround the mountain—a powerful blend of myths and politics.