Энн Перри

Anne Perry

Энн Перри

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Родилась: 29 октября 1938 г., Лондон, Англия


Титулы, награды и премии


Энн Перри (Anne Perry) - литературный псевдоним. Настоящее имя - Джульет Мэрион Халм (Juliet Marion Hulme). Британская писательница.

Родилась в Лондоне 28 октября 1938 года. Ее отец - Dr. Henry Hulme, известный физик, участвовал в Британской программе по созданию водородной бомбы. Училась в различных школах, что было связано с частыми переездами семьи (в том числе, несколько лет в Новой Зеландии).

22 июня 1954 вместе со своей подругой Полин Паркер убили мать Полин - Honora Rieper, нанеся ей 45 ударов камнями. Жестокость преступления привлекла к судебному процессу над ними большое внимание. Из-за возраста девочки не были приговорены к смертной казни, через пять лет были помилованы и освобождены при условии, что они никогда не будут встречаться или связываться друг с другом. Эти события послужили основой для фильма Питера Джексона "Небесные создания" (Heavenly Creatures, 1994).

После освобождения Энн Перри вернулась в Англию. Работала клерком, продавцом, стюардессой, диспетчером такси, страховым агентом. Ни одна из этих работ по-настоящему не привлекла Энн. Она мечтала стать писательницей, много раз начинала писать, но ее первое произведение «Палач с Катер-стрит» вышло только в 1979 году.
Место действия произведений Энн Перри - викторианская Англия. Писательница работает над двумя основными сериями, с главными героями - полицейскими Томасом Питтом и Вильямом Монком.
Книга "Скелет в шкафу" (A Dangerous Mourning) продана тиражом более 10 миллионов экземпляров.

Живет в Шотландии с собакой и пятью кошками.

I was born in Blackheath, London England in October 1938.

I spent my earliest years moving around a bit during and immediately after the war. At aged six I was severely ill, so much so that the doctor told my mother he would be back in the morning to sign my death certificate.

However I had a lot more illness, and at eight I was sent to the Bahamas to live with a family who fostered me, and thus saved my life. After the Bahamas they moved to a private island off the coast of New Zealand, where I lived a Swiss Family Robinson style of independence. We did a lot of fishing, building, boating etc.

By the time I was ten, I had missed three years schooling. Fortunately my mother had taught me to read and write by the time I was four, so I always loved books, and was able to catch up.

However at thirteen I became ill again and was off school from then on. So that may be of some encouragement to those who had missed much formal education. In many areas it is possible to catch up, even to do well, especially if you have parents who encourage you, which I certainly did have.

Although I had various jobs there was never anything I seriously wished to do except write. It was my father who was responsible for encouraging me to write my ideas down. However, I was in my twenties before I started putting together the first semblance of a book, I was living in the county of Northumberland, in a small town called Hexham, not far from Hadrian's wall, when I started writing the first draft of Tathea. When I did finally begin that book in earnest, just a few years ago, I was able to use the original manuscript for reference.

It took many years before my first book was accepted for publication, by which time I was in my late thirties. During those years I had various jobs in order to earn an income: clerical, retail selling, fashion, air stewardess, ship and shore stewardess, limousine dispatcher and insurance underwriter.

I began writing mysteries set in Victorian London on a suggestion from my stepfather as to who Jack the Ripper might have been. I found that I was totally absorbed by what happens to people under pressure of investigation, how old relationships and trusts are eroded, and new ones formed. THE CATER STREET HANGMAN, the first to be accepted for publication and came out in 1979. I don't know how many books I wrote before that. I do remember how thrilled I was when I finally had one in print!

I began the Monk series in order to explore a different, darker character, and to raise questions about responsibility, particularly that of a person for acts he cannot remember. How much of a person's identity is bound up in memory? All our reactions, decisions, etc. spring from what we know, have experienced. We are in so many ways the sum of all we have been!

I lived in Southern California for five years --- and loved it, then returned to England when my stepfather became seriously ill.

I have continued with the Victorian mysteries because I have come to love both the characters and the period. I like the contrast between glamour and squalor, the endless variety in the capital of Empire, largest port in the world, with men and goods for every quarter of the earth, and the immense energy of optimism. I have loved the whole series because it is in a way the end of history and the beginning of the modern world, a time in Europe of unprecedented challenge and change, a test of who we are, and who we wish to be.


Томас Питт (Thomas Pitt)
1979 - 1. The Cater Street Hangman - Призрак с Кейтер-стрит
1980 - 2. Callander Square - Находка на Калландер-сквер
1981 - 3. Paragon Walk - Туман над Парагон-уок
1981 - 4. Resurrection Row - Воскрешение на Ресуррекшн-роу
1983 - 5. Rutland Place - Вор с Рутленд-плейс
1984 - 6. Bluegate Fields - Утопленник из Блюгейт-филдс
1985 - 7. Death in the Devil's Acre - Смерть в Поместье Дьявола
1987 - 8. Cardington Crescent - Натюрморт из Кардингтон-кресент
1988 - 9. Silence in Hanover Close - Тишина в Хановер-клоуз
1990 - 10. Bethlehem Road - Казнь на Вестминстерском мосту
1991 - 11. Highgate Rise - Пожар на Хайгейт-райз
1992 - 12. Belgrave Square - Скандал на Белгрейв-сквер
1993 - 13. Farriers' Lane - Невидимка с Фэрриерс-лейн
1994 - 14. The Hyde Park Headsman - Палач из Гайд-парка
1995 - 15. Traitors' Gate
1996 - 16. Pentecost Alley
1997 - 17. Ashworth Hall
1998 - 18. Brunswick Gardens
1999 - 19. Bedford Square
2000 - 20. Half Moon Street
2001 - 21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy
2002 - 22. Southampton Row
2003 - 23. Seven Dials
2005 - 24. Long Spoon Lane
2008 - 25. Buckingham Palace Gardens
2011 - 26. Betrayal at Lisson Grove (aka Treason at Lisson Grove)
2012 - 27. Dorchester Terrace
2013 - 28. Midnight at Marble Arch
2014 - 29. Death on Blackheath

Уильям Монк (William Monk)
1990 - 1. The Face of a Stranger - Чужое лицо
1991 - 2. A Dangerous Mourning - Скелет в шкафу
1992 - 3. Defend and Betray
1993 - 4. A Sudden, Fearful Death
1994 - 5. The Sins of the Wolf
1995 - 6. Cain His Brother
1996 - 7. Weighed in the Balance
1997 - 8. The Silent Cry
1997 - 9. The Whited Sepulchres (aka A Breach of Promise)
1999 - 10. The Twisted Root
2000 - 11. Slaves of Obsession
2001 - 12. A Funeral in Blue
2002 - 13. Death of a Stranger
2004 - 14. The Shifting Tide
2006 - 15. Dark Assassin
2009 - 16. Execution Dock
2011 - 17. Acceptable Loss
2012 - 18. A Sunless Sea
2013 - 19. Blind Justice

The Christmas stories - Рождественские истории
2003 - A Christmas Journey (aka Journey Towards Christmas)
2004 - A Christmas Visitor
2005 - A Christmas Guest
2006 - A Christmas Secret
2007 - A Christmas Beginning
2008 - A Christmas Grace
2009 - A Christmas Promise
2010 - A Christmas Odyssey
2011 - A Christmas Homecoming
2012 - A Christmas Garland
2013 - A Christmas Hope

The World War I series - Серия о Первой мировой войне
2003 - No Graves as Yet: 1914
2004 - Shoulder the Sky: 1915
2005 - Angels in the Gloom: 1916
2006 - At Some Disputed Barricade: 1917
2007 - We Shall Not Sleep: 1918

Fantasy - Фэнтези
1999 - Tathea
2001 - Come Armageddon

Timepiece series (Young Adult Novels) - Серия "Часы"
2011 - Tudor Rose
2011 - Rose of No Man's Land
2012 - Blood Red Rose
2012 - Rose Between Two Thorns

Other books - Другие книги
2000 - The One Thing More
2001 - A Dish Taken Cold
2001 - Death by Horoscope (рассказы разных авторов)
2002 - Much Ado About Murder (рассказы разных авторов)
2004 - Death By Dickens (рассказы разных авторов)
2004 - I'd Kill For That (роман, написанный несколькими авторами)
2004 - Letters From The Highlands
2005 - Thou Shalt Not Kill: Biblical Mystery Stories (рассказы разных авторов)
2007 - Heroes (Most Wanted)
2010 - The Sheen on the Silk: A Novel
2013 - The Scroll (Short Story)

Титулы, награды и премии

2000 - Премия Эдгара Аллана По в номинации "Лучший короткий рассказ" ("Heroes").
В разные годы Перри была награждена премией "Агата".


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